Çikolata Kalıbı ÜretimThe materials used are %100 FDA approved and regularly put before to high standards in the laboratory.

Specially developed production methods assisted with the state of the art Cad Cam systems paired with latest rapid-prototyping technology will ensure the shortest tooling process cycles, high precision and desired products.

To carry its attention for customers and quality to a sustainable and measurable platform Implast has been certified with ISO 22000 certification. Implast Chocolate Moulds are produced by food codex row materials and is certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs for manufacturing and food industry.

The moulds we have produced are in conformity with the European legislations and have been tested on simulant D basis for migration.

Implast has determined quality and customer satisfaction as essential basic principle.

Implast continues on its way to be the leading company with its modern production lines, investments in new technologies and best practice.

Implast, showing respect not only to customers but also to employees, suppliers and the social environment, sustains developments towards realizing the aim of carrying leading company identity in the national market to the international platform with the aid of uncompromised work discipline.